Carrier Tape
  Carrier tape provides protection to semiconductor devices and other electronic devices from physical and electro-static discharge damage during transportation and storage, as well as being the best solution for clean, position-oriented and automated placement of components and their further processing,

Roding already implemented over a thousand solutions for customers into many different industries.

   Our carrier tape is manufactured in PC, PET, PP, PS and ABS. They are also available in normal, antistatic or conductive versions. We offer carrier tape in widths ranging from 4 mm to 72 mm with a minimum cavity size of 0.2 mm times 0.4 mm  and maximum depth of 30 mm. The material thickness depends on the tape design, the cavity and customer-specific requirements. The forming mold design with punch form or die form depends on the piece part feature.
Cover Tape
  As the important part of SMD packaging system, suitable cover tapes are supplied to customer by Roding.
It is divided into two types, hot or cold sealing tape, standard and antistatic cover tape.
Our cover tapes come in lengths of 300 m to 3500 m per roll. The standard cover tapes are available buffer for from 8 mm to 56 mm carrier tapes.

  Cover tape properties is revealed by the following aspects:
Antistatic performance
Stable tension after sealing
Matching between cover tape and carrier tape
We are committed to provide customer  the most cost-effective cove tape and offer customer the most professional service.

  Roding offer taping reels which are available in various sizes and designs, normal or antistatic types. Standard reels are available with flange diameters of 180 to 380 mm, traverse widths of 8 to 56 mm and in various.
We look forward to acting as your competent supplier for project planning and production of your customized reels.
Main specifications:
7”, 10” ,13” ,19” inch

  We have made independent research and development over the years, to the road of innovation,in view of customer demand and different carrier tape characteristic, and constantly develop new carrier tape machines.
Main machine types:
12-88 Linear tape forming machine
0812 Rotary forming machine
0824 Rotary forming machine
R0824X5High-speed rotary machine
R08X5 High-speed accurate complete  equipment.
Precision Punching machine
Wind-on machine
Peel force tester
Taping machine for customized


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